• Question: How much do your services cost? 
    • Answer: That depends on what your company’s payroll servicing needs are, please call for a quote.  Arm yourself with the answers to the following questions.
      • How many employees do you have?
      • What is the pay frequency, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal?
      • Do you require direct deposit?
      • We will discuss the taxes reporting and paying requirements, Peninsula Payroll Services will tailor this to fit your company’s needs.
  • Question: How do I report my employee’s hours to you?
  • Question: What is the deadline to report my employee’s hours?
    • Answer:  Whenever your pay period ends as soon as you have the hours tallied,
      you can call them in, fax or e-mail is preferred. 
    • If your paycheck date is on a Friday, hours must be submitted by Tuesday of that week to allow for delivery or mailing time.  
  • Question: Do you collect money for payroll or payroll taxes and then disperse to employees, IRS or the local government?
    • Answer:  No, Peninsula Payroll Services does not hold any of our clients’ money.  We will set up a direct withdrawal for you and inform you of the amount that will be withdrawn, we can print the check and mail on your behalf or we can provide you with the totals and it is your responsibility to pay the tax. We will not hold your money for payroll or tax purposes.
  • Question:  How do add additional employees?
    • Answer:  Due to the sensitivity of the information, e-mail is not recommended.
      Call and we will pick up the information or fax is preferred
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